Bob Edwards Thanked For Being A Good Mayor



We have never been involved in politics before, either local or national, other than to exercise our right and privilege to vote. However, as we have watched the political fallout in our small community since we moved here five years ago, there is something we feel needs to be said.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to Mayor Bob Edwards for his valuable contributions to our town. He has worked tirelessly to address problems that have obviously been accumulating for years before he came to office. He has done what he promised to do: return an out of control government to the will of the people.

Mayor Edwards has conducted weekly surveys and has listened to the citizens' opinions. He has formed task forces to research each matter, using highly qualified volunteers to save time and expense for the town. He has not deferred to special interest groups, but has consistently heard the voice of the majority, and ruled accordingly.

Many of the projects he originated will come to fruition, and when they do, his successors will take credit for them. But the average citizen who has read the newspapers will know to whom the credit really belongs.

Mayor Edwards has shown himself to be a man of character and integrity. He has been willing to confront tough issues with resolve, despite vicious personal attacks from opponents, and biased newspaper reporting. He is to be highly commended for not losing his cool, or retaliating in kind.

In our opinion, he deserves recognition for the great job he has done, and will continue to do in whatever he undertakes. We are proud of you, Mayor Bob, and are happy to have a leader of your caliber in our community.

Ray and Joy Ruetz

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