Congratulations To Future Pswid Board Members



Open Letter to theuture Board Members of the Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District:

lthough the final tallies of theSWID Election are not yet available,he outcome has been determined. The voters have spoken and mandated that it is time for change. Therefore, we would like to offer "congratulations" to the four new members of the PSWID Board.

The new members are Ron Calderon, Richard Dickinson, Michael Greer and Terri Schleizer.We believe these individuals can work cooperatively with Barbara Hall, Don Smith, and Bill Haney, the three remaining Board members.

The new members have lived in the Pine/Strawberry community for the past three years to more than 16 years. They have experienced first hand the various problems with water outages, shortages, haulingharges, infrastructure failuresnd abusive treatment by Brooke Utilities, Inc.
Each new member has also attendedost board meetings over the last 6-12 months. During their campaigns, each has sought out the real facts, has focused on the real issues, and has stated their views on theroblems facing the community.They have clearly stated how they, as a boardember,ill deal withhese issuesn the future.

Furthermore, they have declared that they will welcome community involvement and input, and will conduct future public meetings with an attitude of respect for those in attendance. We believe that theyill conduct themselves in the manner that the community deserves and is looking for. We look forward toupporting the new PSWID Board and encourage the community to do so as well.

Rim Country Water was initially formed to be conduit of information and to provide a discerning ear to and defense of the Pine/Strawberry community. Although,eill remain active and vigilant, we believe that our degree of involvement will be considerably less than in the past.

Congratulations, to the new and remaining PSWID board members.We thank you for undertaking a challenging and demanding task. We look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts, and differing with you when appropriate.

Fred B. Krafczyk
Rim Country Water

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