Continuing Iraqi War Not Justified



Has the whole world gone mad? I cannot believe all the endless news stories that show how far our country has fallen.

Just this week, we again see our gutless elected representatives cave in to President Bush. Our President vetoed a bill that would have outlawed water-boarding and other extraordinary interrogation techniques (his mother must be so proud). Somehow our government has been able to face and defeat the overwhelming armies of Hitler and Japan without abandoning our American values, but now it has been decided that we must employ techniques that we prosecuted Japanese soldiers for doing to our soldiers. Even McCain had said for years that torture was wrong and resulted in unreliable information -- although now that he is running for President, he has changed his beliefs.

And now the new statistic showing that less than 30 percent of our citizens can even state how many military deaths have occurred in Iraq is tragic. Over 70 percent of us don't know the fact that we've lost almost 4,000 brave soldiers in an illegal war. And that does not even count the tens of thousands of American injuries that will affect our society for generations -- costing not only huge sums of money but, more importantly, in the physical and mental disabilities that will affect our families and neighborhoods. And on top of that are the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis that have died and the millions that are now refugees.

But the up-side of all this is that Bush/Cheney cronies Halliburton, Black Water and other no-bid companies have made billions of dollars providing us with services that, if we find them to be sub-standard or outright fraudulent, have built-in immunity for many of their actions. Just like the administration is pushing for immunity for the companies that have helped them perform wire-taps on American citizens and now vetoes a bill that would hold them accountable for torture.

I grew up believing that if you are not doing anything wrong, then you don't need immunity.

If this letter does nothing else, I hope that it reminds your readers of the precious 4,000 lives and all the other heart-rending suffering that our actions have caused. Yes, the terrorists killed 3,000 of our citizens and my heart also bleeds for them. But surely that does not justify all the continuing suffering that we have caused.

Wendy Trainor

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