Money Raised Locally Benefits Our Community



In the Tuesday, March 11, issue of the Payson Roundup, you published a letter from a Pine resident that questioned the American Cancer Society's relationship to Planned Parenthood and embryonic stem cell research. As a Chairman with ACS in Payson, I would like to set the record straight.

You may be aware that one critical aspect to the American Cancer Society's lifesaving mission is to disseminate reliable, cutting edge cancer information to people from all walks of life. As an inclusive organization (because cancer does not discriminate) we reach out to a variety of diverse communities and organizations to help us fulfill the public awareness aspect of our mission. Those include not just health professionals, clinics and hospitals, but also community organizations, private businesses and places of worship.

Our nation has made remarkable strides against cancer. Reaching people with with lifesaving messages is essential to continued progress. In fact, evidence shows that at least half of cancer deaths in this country could be prevented by applying what we know about cancer prevention and early detection.

n 2006 and 2007, the Midwest Division of the American Society funded $8,000 in two Cancer control grants to Planned Parenthood of Iowa. The grants are exclusively for the implementation of a smoking cessation program, and are only to be used to train clinic staff to provide smoking cessation assistance toatients andregnant women.

The program has been a success, becoming the top source of health provider calls to Iowa's Quitline, a free program to reduce smoking, the number one cause of preventable death in the U.S., in that state.

American Cancer Society acknowledges that the federal government remains the institution best suited to fund and oversee research using human embryonic stem cells.

The Society will continue to fund explorations into used of human adult stem cells and stem cells from umbilical cord blood that show promising potential in the fight against a variety of life-threatening diseases currently afflicting an estimated 140 million Americans.

he American Cancer Society respects personal beliefs and continues to serve as the nation's most trusted cancer organization.

Planned Parenthood and many other organizations have broad constituent bases and solid networks that help us reach key audiences with potentially lifesaving information.

As we kick off our local Relay for Life events, it is appropriate to mention that all of the money raised locally benefits our community.

We hope that Payson and the surrounding communities will join us in our mission to eliminate cancer and save lives.

Ronald Tipps
Chairman Relay for Life

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