Payson Should Be Proud Of Local Animal Shelter



On the weekend of Feb.15, my husband and I were in Payson for a couple's retreat with our church. We had come up a day earlier than the others and were at lunch reading the Payson newspaper. We saw the article about the dogs that had been shipped to the Phoenix Humane Society.

On a whim, we decided to just go and have a look since our son had been wanting a puppy for awhile now. When we walked into the Payson branch, we were immediately impressed with how "clean and fresh" it smelled. The cats' pens and living quarters were immaculate.

Usually these places bring tears to your eyes because of the living conditions and lack of compassion from the workers. Not here. Even making sure we cleansed our hands before and after touching each and every animal. We ended up adopting a puppy and again were impressed by the "third degree" about the lifestyle our pet would be accustomed to.

After getting the puppy home, we noticed her shaking and aggressively scratching at her ears. During her vet visit for her second series of shots, the vet found a cattle tick in each of her ears. One tick was actually on the eardrum and did some minor, yet repairable damage.

The puppy had to be sedated because of the placement of the tick, but is fine. I called Ellie Watson at the Payson Humane Society to let them know to have the other puppies in the litter checked. Ellie was deeply concerned with the situation and was prompt in saying how sorry she was. Again, we are so impressed with the care and concern from this shelter.

Ellie paid our vet bill and said not to hesitate to take the puppy back if any follow-up care was needed.

It's refreshing to know there is still a place where you know you can go for excellent service. You should be proud to know you have Ellie and her workers at that site.

We will and have passed on the positive experience we've had with Ellie and her crew. We are so happy with our puppy and feel blessed every day to have her. We thank Ellie Watson for her loving response to our situation.

Scott and Cathy Kopecky

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