10,000 Bc - Youth Review

Camera work is amazing


A young warrior with a mysterious past, a beautiful woman who loves him with all her heart, and a people in need of a hero and the "Legend of the Blue-Eyed Child" is born. The movie, 10,000 B.C. might remind you of Tristan and Isolde. It is the love story of D'Leh, the mammoth hunter, and Evolet.

D'Leh (Steven Straight) can only win Evolet (Camilla Belle) by killing a mammoth to provide food for their people. Shortly after the hunt, slavers kidnap her and many others in the tribe. With the guidance of the wise woman, D'Leh and several other warriors set off to rescue the captives. Their travels lead them across snowy mountains, through a jungle, and into something like the Sahara Desert. The final scenes take place in the shadow of buildings curiously like the Egyptian pyramids.

There can be two opinions about this movie. Either the cameraman was holding a competition to see how many landscapes could be filmed in one movie, or the screenwriter failed World History. If the second is the case, the movie was set in such a ridiculous date to begin with, 10,000 B.C., that no one could argue with his or her interpretation as to what happened. Personally, I am betting on the cameraman. The filming was amazing. Scenic views gave the audience a pleasant feeling of awe, and close-ups kept them focused on the story. Certainly, the filming should be commended.

I cannot say the same for the costuming. The characters are so dirty that their identity gender can be questioned. Some of the jewelry is disgusting and unnecessary. Overall, the people just look funny. Luckily, the prehistoric animals: mammoths, large birds and saber tooth tigers look quite real.

I had expected a very bloody movie and was pleasantly disappointed. There is probably less gore in 10,000 B.C. than your average hospital TV series. It is very violent, though. Mammoth hunts, battle scenes, brutal whippings, and impressive spear throws can be very frightening.

Although not fundamentally bad, the legend that the movie is supposed to be based on is "a little weird."

Although it was a nice warrior and lady love-type story, I would not recommend it to children or even adults not willing to deal with the mud.

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