Board Approves Summer School Remedial Classes


Pine-Strawberry school students struggling with their reading and writing skills will have the opportunity for more academic help during an upcoming summer school program.

The session, which was approved by the board at its March 17 meeting, will be held June 2 through June 13.

School superintendent and principal Mike Clark said students would be placed into the summer program based on their AIMS scores and teacher recommendations.

Also at the board meeting, next school year's release time for third and fourth graders was changed from 3:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Clark said the later release time was tried this school year, "but it didn't work, too many tired kids."

Good news for teachers, administrators, students and parents: there will be no staff cuts next school year.

At Monday's meeting, the board voted to retain all classified and certified employees.

Also at the meeting, the board was told that the 2008-2009 budget is continuing to be developed and that it includes 15 percent increases in insurance and a 29 percent boost for fuel and propane.

The estimated budget is $2,424,352.

Firefighters in training

The sight of a fire truck rambling down a street usually attracts our immediate attention. But when we see them much more frequently than usual, curiosity and possibly a bit of paranoia sets in.

Local fire officials' advice is not to worry. That's because the Pine Strawberry fire trucks are participating in an insurance required training course.

Each year all employees are required to complete eight hours training -- three of them in the classroom and five behind the wheel. The training is necessary to meet insurance requirements to drive the emergency vehicles.

The trucks will be traveling through Pine and Strawberry through April. The fire department has laid out a 25-mile course between the two towns that will be used.

The course includes the highway and residential neighborhoods.

Drivers will be traversing our mountain roads, negotiating curves, and honing the skills necessary for backing up and turning the big trucks around. Among the drivers, will be three new firefighters recently hired.

If you see a PS fire truck go by, give them a wave and a smile, they're watching out for us.

Calling all Riff Raff

The Pine-Strawberry Riff Raff held one of their unscheduled "only when we need it meetings" March 15 at the Sportsman's Chalet in Strawberry. During it, Sandy Human was elected president and Red Cochran agreed to continue as vice president.

Currently, the group is planning for their Memorial Day yard sale. Proceeds from the yard sale will be used to purchase food for Thanksgiving food baskets.

The Riff Raff Club is a service group of more than 100 members who tout themselves as being an informal crew that meets, "only when we need to." Also, there is one simple membership requirement --urchase a T-shirt or a ball cap from another member.

Call Sandy at (928) 476-2406 or Red at (623) 932-5729 if would like to become a part of this group.

Local organizations and groups

Frequently I receive requests for information regarding our many worthwhile charitable groups. I would like to include as much information as possible but I need your help to do this.

Please call or e-mail to tell me about your organization, it's schedule, address and officers.

Some of them are:

Take Pride Project

It is dedicated to adding to the beauty of the towns of Pine and Strawberry and is looking for new members.

The group meets at 6 p.m. the fourth Thursday of the month at the Senior Center Dining Room.

Friends of Pine Library

Isabelle Hunt Memorial Public Library, 6124 N Randle Place, Pine.

Call Becky Waer at (928) 476-3678 for upcoming meeting dates, location and time.

Isabelle Hunt Memorial Public Library

The library is seeking volunteers to assist with the library's computer program.Computer training will be provided -- some basic computer knowledge helpful, but not required.

Volunteers are also needed to assist with shelving books.This requires placing returned books to their proper location and placing new books on the shelves.This position does require some lifting and stretching (moderate exercise).

ContactBeckyr Ann at (928) 476-3678f you are interested in volunteering for this position or would like additional information

Pine-Strawberry Food Bank

PS Food Bank volunteers meet 1:30 p.m. the last Tuesday of every month at in the cultural hall of the Pine Community Center.

If you would like to volunteer for this worthy cause, come to our meeting or call Sue Montgomery at (928) 476-4647 for more information.

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