Everyone Should Pay The Same



I have been troubled, ever since its publication, by the article explaining the disparity in the charges to the two mayoral candidates for advertising in your paper during the last election.

While the concept of larger volume equaling lower cost makes business sense when dealing with cereal, I would submit that a higher value should prevail for you in the circumstance of those running for public office. I firmly believe that a single standard of cost for advertising should apply to anyone seeking to serve the community by assuming the responsibilities of a public office.

The "market forces" that we so blindly adhere to would still apply, depending on how much or how little each candidate could afford, but at least all wouldtart with a level playing field.

To me, the decision to charge all candidates equally would promote, in one small way, the free and fair elections so crucial to our democracy. I encourage you to consider such a policy if it is within your power to do so.

Marilyn Decker

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