What Constitutes An Election Win?



Now that most of the votes have been counted and the results are definite, the people have once more spoken and been heard. By a 2-1 majority, property owners who have been (mis)served by Brooke Utilities in Pine and Strawberry have chosen to take hold of their future and make a difference.

In direct contrast to the statement issued by four members of PSWID (doesn't that make a quorum? When was that meeting made public?) that; "less than 8 percent of the eligible voters determined the future" in the Payson Roundup and the Rim Country Gazette, there was a very profound turnout of voters.

As of March 18, 1,658 voters had cast ballots, giving more than 1,000 votes to each of three new candidates and just under that number to the fourth. Considering that in 2004 when the last election for the PSWID took place and seven members were elected out of nine candidates, only a grand total of less than 900 ballots were cast.

Two of the recalled members were elected in 2004 with just a handful more votes than they received in this election. Mr. Sherlock had 632 votes in 2004, and 628 so far in this election. His opponent received 989. Mr. McCoy in 2004 received 637 while only pulling 613 this time against his opponent's 1,002.

So regardless of the percentage of voter turnout, a Grass-Roots movement of the American people has taken place and will continue to forge a better future for one small corner of our great country. God Bless America!

J. Mike Taylor


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