More Research Needed Before Bypass Is Pushed



I have the greatest respect foran Adams, but I think he needs to reconsider his endorsement of a highway bypass of Payson/Star Valley. In the first place, such a project is not on the ADOT books and it will take 10 to5 years to bring such a project to fruition,espite the best efforts of Gila County, Payson, Star Valley and our well-respected legislative contingent. Second, Dan needs to discover whether a bypass would be good for the two communities. In my estimation, a bypassould not beeneficial if growth is a priority, especially ifts main targets tourism.

If a bypass is a good thing, why haven't Superior, Bisbee and Sedona explored such avenues? Just look to the south of Gila county and the devastation brought to the downtown areaf Globe byhe Highway 60ypass for an answer.

Globe was dealt an additionallow when Wal-Marticked Claypool instead of downtown for its big store. True, the Globe bypass took truck traffic off Broad Street -heain drag -ut it also tookunintended" visitor traffic off the street.

The J.C. Penny store left town. One of the last F.W. Woolworth's stores in the West closed for lack of business. The mayorlosed up his clothing store.Globe's mining-based businesses have beenejuvenated by the world-wide copper boom, and housing is a growth industry scratching to get into gear in Globe, but none of that has helped the downtown area much.

The SGCEDC, Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street program have helped bring new interest to the downtown area, but itill neverehe vibrant hub that it once wasecause passers-throughreo longerorced toisit downtown Globe.
tight be good to do a realistic evaluationf a Payson/Star Valley bypass beforeushing for one.

Ted Thayer

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