New Pswid Board Will Take Oath By Monday


As of next Monday, barring any unforeseen reversal, residents in Pine and Strawberry will have four new members sitting on the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District's governing board.

Final vote counts will be canvassed in Globe before noon today, Tuesday, March 25 during the regular meeting of the county's governing board, said Gila County Director of Elections Dixie Mundy.

"After they're canvassed, the new members have five days to take the oath and assume their seats," said Mundy. "But that falls on a Sunday so they will have until the next day, Monday, April 1."

Mundy said her office so far has received no indication that anyone plans to contest the recall.

"I'm not aware of anything that has come to this office about contesting it (the recall)," Mundy said.

PSWID Chairman Gary Sherlock told the Roundup last week in a letter that the old board would not meet again before they give up their seats.

"I understand we are still seated until March 25.As to if I wanted to call a March 20 meeting, after some thought, I have decided a definite no," Sherlock said.

"I have canceled the civic center for March," Sherlock added.

"I thank all the board members for their participation in past meetings.I, and I think the others, are at this point delighted that we no longer need to contend with the aggravation."
One of the new board members indicated after the recall on March 11 that they were not going to meet as a group or predict when their first meeting will be until they have assumed their seats because they want to make sure all of their actions are legal.

The new board must also elect a chairman and treasurer since voters recalled the old ones on March 11.

In a letter to the Roundup, Sherlock expressed his feelings over the outcome of the recall.

"Both sides put a lot of effort in to the (recall) election and still didn't wake the public up," said Sherlock.

"The politicians will now get their way," he added.

"There most likely will be a Northern Gila County Water District and Pine and Strawberry will pay the big share of taxes for the rest of the county."

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