Time Spent On Pine Strawberry Election Cannot Be Counted



The election is over and four interested new board members will shortly pick up the gauntlet and run with it. Congratulations to them.

It seems the future for Pine and Strawberry and now in capable hands of individuals who care about our community.

It's been a long road of research, information, recall elections and court cases. I have come to understand that 60 percent of the population will complain and do nothing. Another 20 percent will assist to a point and 10 percent will take on the challenge at personal expense. We have such an individual as a part-time resident in Strawberry.

He has personally taken up the challenge and has been a true leader for the community spearheading meetings and working endlessly behind the scene.

He has driven from the Valley to attend PSWID meetings during the week and than returned home the same evening. He has written letters to the news media and has taken on the utility company with great zeal.

He has been personally insulted and dragged through the mud as an agitator at times, all for the sake of having a water source for all of us to share. His assisting others in this community shows his selflessness and willingness to step up when others chose not to be involved. Personal expense and time spent can not be counted.

I have watched this man struggle, fight and keep his dignity and professionalism when others lost their cool. I am proud to know Fred Krafczck and he is a local hero. Hopefully the community recognizes him for his dedication and hard work.

Thanks Fred!

James Worhle

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