Arizonans For Rim Country Children Do A Lot



The Payson Community Kids would like to bring attention to Arizonans for Rim Country Children and what a fine and necessary nonprofit they are.

This is a wonderful organization that assists children in the court system. Our program, Payson Community Kids, provides clothing all year to needy children, but we don't always have funds to go out and buy immediate needs clothing. We usually wait until clothes are donated or buy bulk clothes off-season and store them so that we can get better prices.

Several weeks ago, one of our 5-year-olds showed up at the PCK Center because her pants were too tight and it was giving her a stomachache. She needed shoes, sweatshirts and other clothing, too.

We called Pat Johnson who is on the board for Arizonans for Rim Country Children and had a check the next day to buy the child clothing.

Thank you so much to Pat, Meg, Stephanie and Blaine and all members of the board of directors of this group. I have seen you help so many and we are grateful.

Marcy Rogers, president

Payson Community Kids

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