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Pine tree honors Connie Weldon's memory


The dedication of a fine-looking blue spruce pine tree in memory of Connie Weldon took place Tuesday, March 25 at the Tonto Village Chapel with Pastor Jim Barker officiating.

A crew consisting of Bill Snyder; Phon Sutton, who picked up the tree at Plant Fair Nursery; and Dick Watson, deacon of the chapel; dug the hole and added the mulch. The ceremony was well attended by the people who knew Connie, and each of them told the group of their connection to her and how much she touched their lives. Former Pastor Charles Wilcox also spoke about his connection to Connie and led the group in a final prayer. Each person shoveled a little bit of dirt into the hole and everyone decided that we all would decorate the tree at Christmas in honor of Connie.


A dedication of a tree in memory of Connie Weldon of Tonto Village III and a member of the congregation of the Tonto Village Chapel was held Tuesday, March 25. Pastor Jimarker presided over theeremony.he former pastor of the chapel, Charles Wilcox, was also in attendance and said the final prayer. Connie will be missed by all of us.

A potluck was held after the ceremony in the chapel. The potluck served a dual purpose, one for the friends of Connie and the other for Jerry and Kay King of Tonto Village III. Jerry and Kay will be leaving for Amarillo, Texas shortly, and everyone wished them well on their travel to Texas.

Did any of the residents of Tonto Village notice how quiet it was?

I presume that the reason for the quiet was the lack of the people from the Valley who chose not to come up to Payson because of the closure of Highway 87. I know that businesses rely on our Valley people for their livelihood, but the quiet and the lack of dust filtering through the air from the Control Road was so nice.

My husband and I had to drive to the Valley this past Thursday and I remember remarking to him about that particular section, telling him that the hill looked like it was going to come down. We drove back the same day, and I think the landslide happened sometime Friday.

The landslide truly did buckle the highway. Our timing was perfect.

Hellsgate Fire District Auxiliary

The auxiliary of the Hellsgate Fire District, Tonto Village chapter, will have its first meeting of the year Tuesday, April 1 at station 22, Tonto Village. The meeting will start at 3:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in volunteering in some way for the two fund-raisers that the Fireflies sponsor -- a Memorial Weekend breakfast or the Labor Day Bash -- is welcome to join the group.

The group would like to see some of the Star Valley chapter auxiliary and the people in the Mead, Collins and Ellison Creek and Thompson Draw I and II areas join the Fireflies in preparing for either of the fund-raisers. For more information, please call Linda Stailey at (928) 478-4641.

New business

J & L Cabinets, Doors and More has started a new business recently. The owners are John and Linda Digman of Tonto Village I. John and Linda have been residents of the Village for years, and are well versed in different woods and cabinetry.

Pool games

The scotch double tournament that was held Friday, March 14 was a success. The pairs team taking first place was made up of Cliff Landrum and Cheri Lorig.

The team of Betty Koutz and Harvey Poyner shot for second place, and the mother and son team of Sheri Roebuck and Josh Namm of Kohl's Ranch shot for third place.

The next scotch double tournament will be held at 6:30 p.m., Friday, April 11. There will be a potluck dinner to go along with the tournament.

Ethel Cain, the owner of the Double D, said to watch for a chili cook-off around the middle of April. Watch for the date in this column in the next few weeks.

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