Cancer Society Promotes Smoking Cessation



Carol Suhr, a regular letter writer to the Roundup and an apparent disciple of Dr. Joel Brind (pro-life advocate and self-professed born again Christian who routinely refutes the majority opinions of his expert colleagues and offers minority dissenting opinions at scientific conferences) and I disagree regarding the merits of the American Cancer Society (ACS).

After her March 11 letter to the Roundup, condemning the ACS, I invited Ms. Suhr to sit down with me to discuss our differences. She declined; I also invited her to a personal conference with Father Bill, her priest at St. Philip's church. Father Bill is a supporter of the ACS and Relay For Life and is a currently undergoing cancer treatment himself. Again, Ms. Suhr declined, stating that "I don't get anywhere with him (Father Bill)." I also invited Ms. Suhr to attend the Relay For Life kickoff party on March 14, where Tucson ACS staff would be in attendance, to discuss her point of view with both the ACS staff and me. Once again, she declined.

Ms. Suhr's attention seems to center on the fact that the ACS, in 2005 and 2007, funded Planned Parenthood of Iowa a total of $8,000, which was earmarked to end tobacco use among pregnant women. Ms. Suhr deduces that since the ACS has funded a smoking-cessation program to Planned Parenthood of Iowa, the ACS must be pro-abortion.

But if one uses this same logic association that Carol Suhr employs, one would also have to conclude that we Rim Country bumpkins contribute to the profits of Wal-Mart, Bashas', Safeway or Walgreens, all which sell condoms and other contraceptive aides, tobacco and, in most cases, liquor, then we local yokels must wholeheartedly endorse smoking, contraception and drinking.

I'm really not sure just why Carol Suhr continues to fixate on the fact that the ACS has made two separate grants totaling $8,000 to Planned Parenthood of Iowa to support a smoking cessation program for pregnant women (many of whom ended up giving life to a healthier baby because they quit smoking).

As a many-year supporter of the Relay For Life program of the ACS, I prefer to give my attention to the $1,200,000,000 that Relay For Life volunteers across the country have raised since 2005. That's more than one billion dollars for programs such as Look Good ... Feel Better, Tendet Loving Care, Guestroom, Youth Cancerurvivors Camps and Retreats, Cancer Survivors College Scholarships, Reach to Recovery and the Cancer Center Information Hotline-staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I implore individuals as good Christians, to look for the good in the world about you. And I promise to look for it in everyone.

DJ Craig

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