Comments Are Full Of Sour Grapes



Sour grapes Mr. Mayor. Nothing but sour grapes since you first ran for election, while you were mayor, and it looks like you are going out of office with sour grapes.

You were elected by the divide and conquer method, and left debris in your wake. You have used untruths, and misled the Payson voters as to your abilities to be a true leader of our community. You continue to refer to the "good old boys" as some evil group that is out to destroy Payson. Please tell us who these "good old boys" are? Actually, because you have used this term so often, would you please write a letter to the editor and expose these evil demons, and enlighten us all.

You also stated at the recent CAC meeting that, "voters chose to be governed by these same group of special interests." While you are exposing the "good old boys," please tell us who these "special interests" are.

You also stated "our opponents put together an impressive coalition." Nice try, but, all of them ran independent campaigns, and very successfully. You are the one who ran a coalition, which again is one of your untruths. You stated that the new council may support "uncontrolled growth." Why would they?

According to the 2000 census, while most of Arizona was growing at double-digit figures, Payson's growth was around 5 percent from 1990 to 2000. Since 2000 the growth has been about half that. And of course with the current economic conditions, even school enrollments are down.

I attended the CAC meeting where you and Kenny Evans were asked identical questions.

Instead of using that time to tell what your plans were for the future, you used it to attack your opponent. At the high school forum, you did it again by bringing up the high gas costs and again attacked your opponent.

On many occasions on radio and in other media, you had the opportunity to tell the voters what you were going to do in the future to improve Payson.

Again you attacked your opponent. You continue now to put the blame on others for your failure to win the last election. When you shave every morning, you are looking at the person who lost the election. His name is Bob Edwards.

Gordon Metcalf

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