Shocked To Hear Town Not Ready For Bypass



I was shocked to hear an announcement at the Citizens Awareness Committee meeting on Monday that an ADOT board member had reported that a town employee had gone to a meeting of the ADOT board in Tucson the previous Friday and told thehem that "the powers that be in Payson are not ready for a by-pass."

If that is true, as far as I am concerned that was a betrayal of the town, of the people who have been working so diligently to get us a by-pass, and the majority of the citizens who are in favor of such.

Is this one of the first fruits of the new administration or just the employee's own opinion of the situation? If he made that statement on his own, think it was inappropriate and that censure would be in order. Why would he sabotage all the work that is being done? If he delivered that message onehalf of others, we have to wonder where it is coming from and what we're in for.

What's going on here?

Marilyn Decker

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