Adot Incompetence Amazing



ADOT continues to amaze.

Highway 87 was closed for another major repair due to incompetence.

For lack of good design, shortly after a widening project on 87 north of Payson a 400-ton boulder fell on the road and was instantly hit by a pickup truck, the truck was a total loss.

Seems ADOT is more concerned about disfiguring a few rocks than in safety.

Are these the same fools that brought us the turn-about? In New Jersey they are cussed "traffic circles" and they have tried to engineer around them for0 years.

On a busy day you should try the circle at I-17 and Happy Valley Road in Phoenix. Bring a gun you may have to shoot your way in.

Rarely does a road open that it is not obsolete and dangerous. If you look at the loop 101 and I-17 north at rush hour, the ineptness is glaring.

The guardrail system on the loop 101 has killed how many people?

Who are these bozos and why are they still on my payroll?

Rudolph Ehrenreich

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