Setting The Record Straight -- Again


Yes, let's do "set the record straight." The Roundup waived both its 400-word limit and its policy of no "personal attacks" when it accommodated DJ Craig's rant against me and the four (not just one) facts I presented regarding the American Cancer Society's donating to Planned Parenthood, denying the link between abortion and breast cancer, promoting embryonic stem cell research and accepting donations from anti-Catholic bigots.

When DJ Craig called me the first time (at 10:15 p.m.) he falsely identified himself as DJ Miller and claimed to be just an interested ACS volunteer, not a paid coordinator. He called twice, and in the kindest of tones badgered me to come to Payson and discuss my "point of view" with him, (whom I have never met), my pastor and several ACS reps in town for the "kickoff" party. ("Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.") However, not being suicidal, I thanked him and declined the invitation since there was really nothing to discuss. Either you agree that the ACS takes some morally problematic positions or you don't. My letter was addressed to people who do care about such things, among them, I would hope, most Catholics and other Christians.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops recognizes the link between abortion and breast cancer, calls embryonic stem cell research an "intrinsic evil", and certainly does not support any money going to Planned Parenthood, for whatever reason. Perhaps someday the USCCB will withdraw support from the ACS as it did recently from Amnesty International after it took a pro-abortion position.

When one stands up for the truth one can expect to be attacked, but to denigrate Joel Brind,hD and professor of human biology and endocrinology at City University of N.Y., (whose "disciple" I am not) because he is pro-life and a born-again Christian insults all pro-lifers and "born-agains".

Cancer is a terrible scourge and I pray every day for my pastor and my only sister who is also battling a very aggressive form of the disease. We must continue to do research and look for cures, but we must also tell women about abortion as an avoidable risk factor for breast cancer and not stumble on our journey home to the Father by falling victim to the hope for a cure on the backs of tiny human embryos as the ACS would have us do.

Carol Suhr

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