Star Valley Seeks New Council Members


After a council election with barely enough candidates to fill the available seats, two resignations have left Star Valley with two new seats to fill.

Council member Randy White resigned his seat to run for Mayor, making the effective date March 18.

In addition, council member Mary Ann Kotelnicki, who has rarely attended meetings in the past three months, submitted a brief letter resigning her post "immediately," without offering additional explanation.

At several recent meetings, the town council has barely had enough members present to constitute the four-member quorum necessary to take any action.

The council, which meets Thursday night at 6:30 in the Star Valley Baptist Church on East Highway 260, has 30 days to fill the two now-empty seats on the seven-member council or the county will be obligated to schedule a special election.

The Town Council has decided to accept applications from the public, said Town Manager Vito Tedeschi.

"We'll be open to resumes from anybody," said Tedeschi.

The term for one seat will run only until June 4. The council could then reappoint the person for a full two-year term, seek additional applicants or call a special election.

The other appointment will run for a full two-year term, said Tedeschi.

Anyone interested in serving can fill out an application at Town Hall and provide any additional information about their qualifications they'd like.

Tedeschi noted that, starting in June, the council members will each get $200 per month to cover expenses, and the mayor will get $400 per month.

Once all the new council members take their seats in June, the council will elect a vice mayor.

In the meantime, on Thursday the council will also consider an emergency revision of the ordinance governing council elections. The current ordinance actually provides for the election of both the mayor and the vice mayor by the council. In fact, the town had switched to a system in which the mayor is directly elected. The emergency clause will immediately change the ordinance to conform to the actual practice.

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