To Clarify: K2 Well Project Shut Down, Funding Frozen


A story in the Friday, March 28, Roundup confused readers by leaving the impression that the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District wants to move forward with the K2 project, based on a letter the board authorized.

In fact, by freezing the $300,000 earlier earmarked for the K-2 well, The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District Board effectively shut down the project.

The project shutdown means residents might face water-hauling charges again this summer. One board member also asked for clarification of the district's bank account for all expenditures.

The new board also approved the letter to Brooke Utilities' Robert Hardcastle that had the effect of halting all work and clarifying that the new board must approve all future water exploration with district money.

In addition, Pine resident Sam Schwalm in a letter to the Roundup clarified his allegations of a conflict of interest concerning the hiring of attorney John Gliege as PSWID legal counsel. He said that because Gliege represented new board members in ACC hearing interventions about the constitutionality of the K-2 project it constitutes a conflict of interest.

Schwalm states: "how can it not be a conflict of interest to have the lawyer for one of the major water players in the area also be advising the board that may ultimately be buying his water." He also said he had not accused previous board members of conflicts as reported earlier.

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