Upset With Hiring Of Water Board Attorney



At the first meeting of the PSWID Board on March 27, 2008, Mr. Haney made the statement that the Pine/Strawberry community had been divided by the proceedings during the recall election.I agree that much division was caused by the unnecessarily aggressive character assassination tactics used by the members of Rim Country Water.I further agree that it is time to put those tactics away and start building community cohesion.

Unfortunately, PSWID Board members in hiring Mr. Gliege as the PSWID attorney have exhibited a complete disregard for those in the communityho raised very clear and reasonable objections to Mr. Gliege becoming the PSWID Board attorney.With this initial action, the PSWID Board has chosen to take an action that will continue the deep divisions in the community.
Mr. Gliege has and does represent both Mr. Peterson and Mr. Pugel in water matters.Mr. Gliege's representation of these individuals is not rumored, but is indeed a widely known fact throughout the community.I believe that if the PSWID pursues its agenda of water company purchase, PSWID will eventually enter into water sharing negotiations with these individuals.The taxpayers of Pine/Strawberry deserve to be represented by an attorney in these negotiationsho is completely free of any associationith Mr. Peterson and Mr. Pugel.It is only through the representation by such an individual that PSWID taxpayers can be assured that all actions are being taken in their best interests.It is only through the representation by a completely independent counsel that community trust in the actions of the board will be restored.I believe that the PSWID is overstepping its authority if it abandons the right of PSWID taxpayers to be represented by independent counsel.

Mr. Gliege has been censured by the State Bar of Arizona.Please go to the State Bar of Arizona Web site,, to see the nature of these censures.I believe that the majority of theembership of the State Bar of Arizona has not been censured by the State Bar of Arizona. Mrs. Hall's suggestion to create a committee to look into the attorney situation was well taken and would work to build community harmony.Yet, the board decided to over rule this wise peace move and without further discussion hired Mr. Gliege, an attorney that has more than one censuren his record.

Mr. Gliege's presence at the PSWID Board meeting deepened mistrust in the community and leadso theuspicion that a decision to hire Mr. Gliege was made prior to the PSWID Board meeting, an action in direct violation of the open meeting law.Why was he present at the meeting?ill he be compensated for the time spent in connection with this meeting?

It is not too late for the PSWID Board to take corrective action in this matter.Please follow Mrs. Hall's suggestion and create a committee to look into the attorney matter and then thoroughly and openly discuss all matters related to this issueeforeaking decision. As elected officials, PSWID Board members have an obligation to represent all of the members of the community.Please act in a manner that clearly shows respect for all the taxpayers in the community and review the decision to hire Mr. Gliege.

Bernice E. Winandy

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