Legislators Should Repeal Gas Tax, Stay Out Of Our Lives



The politicians are pushing "change" now. That's good. How about repealing the 18.4 cents per gallon federal tax on gas at the pump?

That tax, started in the 1960s, was going to build interstate highways. They're done. Abolish the jillion, over-lapping transportation departments, boards and commissions.

Repeal that part of the new energy bill that subsidizes the production of ethanol at 51 cents per gallon. They are burning our corn when we want it in our food.

Cut the Environmental Protection Agency budget by 50 percent for two years until they've gone into the hot, global-warmed sunset. Where in the Constitution is the government allowed to legislate air?

At a budget at around $7 billion, that would save a little money, and a lot of aggravation. Open our land and sea to their natural resources, oil, gas and coal. Let's go after our own stuff and get off our knees begging hostile nations for oil. If a faulty product comes from China, ban the import of that product. If imported toys aren't safe, ban them. The best toy is a book. Free at the library.

Secure our southern border with fence, wall, Border Patrol, National Guard, whatever it takes. No amnesty and people caught here illegally, deported and given no option to ever return. Make it easier for employers to sponsor foreign workers.

Stop Mexican trucks from entering the U.S. taking away our truck drivers' jobs.

Instead of the federal government ignoring and causing our problems, toss them back to the states, (United States-10th Amendment). They would disappear one by one into the stupid, unnecessary, unaffordable, overlapping trash.

That's change.

Or as we hear from Big Brother politicians' mouths, they can do everything for us. Like they squandered the Federal Highway "Trust" Fund and the Social Security "Trust" Fund. Now we are supposed to "trust" them. Not I. Defend my borders and shores. Deliver my mail. And stay the heck out of my life.

Sonni Hunt

Christopher Creek

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