Library Has Books For Those Who Love Gardening


Just what exactly is spring fever? Encarta Dictionary's definition is "A feeling of restlessness, yearning, lust or sometimes laziness believed to be brought on by the coming of spring."

The Urban Dictionary's definition is "wanting the present to become summer, slacking off in school because the year is almost over and the wanting to be outside every day rather than inside." Many people, including myself, enjoy the resurgence of spring as a time to plant new gardens.

Out come the gardening hats, gloves and the various shovels and hoes that are needed to work the garden soil, coaxing it to come to life one more time. Digging your hands into the soil, the sweet smell of the rich earth bringing its own kind of energy to you and your garden.

The Payson Public Library has some great books about gardening. Grow a flower or a vegetable or both. There is no greater satisfaction than sitting on your back porch and enjoying the fruits of your labor. The view is spectacular. Start your children young, planting their own garden. It will teach them a reverence for all things.

Gardening books

How to grow vegetables

1. "Square Foot Gardening"

by Mel Bartholomew

2. Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

3. Jeff Ball's 60-Minute Vegetable Garden

The beauty of flowers

1. "New Book of Salvias -- Sages for Every

Garden" by Betsy Clebach

2. "American Horticulture Society

Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers"

3. "Perennials -- The Definitive Reference"

by Roger Phillips

Plant a tree to shade your yard or a shrub to define a boundary

1. "Taylor's Guides to Trees" by Susan Roth

2. "Trees and Shrubs, An Illustrated A - Z of

Over 8,500 Plants"

3. "Taylor's Guides to Shrubs"

4. "Hedges Creating Screens and Edges" by

Averil Bedrich

Gardening problem solvers

1. "Deer Proofing Your Yard and Garden"

by Rhonda Massingham Hart

2. "1,000 Gardening Questions and Answers"

New York Times

3. "Bugs, Thugs and Other Slugs, Controlling

Garden Pests Organically" by Rhonda

Massingham Hart

Now you have absolutely no excuse why you can't have a spectacular garden worthy of "The Rim Country Gardeners' Annual Garden Show."

Don't forget to join us for our yearly Cinco de Mayo celebration. Food tasting and music all day long.

Book review

by Emily Arnold

Title: "Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City"

Author: Kirsten Miller

Ananka Fishbein's monotonous life is abruptly interrupted by a mysterious, pale, white-haired girl by the name of Kiki Strike. The pixie-sized being seems to be able to disappear and reappear like smoke, so when Ananka tries to follow Kiki and uncover more about her, the tiny girl easily evades her.

But there is another mystery brewing right under Ananka's nose. From what she has researched in her personal library and from what she has seen accidentally, Ananka thinks she might have discovered a huge city underneath the crowded suburbs of New York City. But is it really a whole civilization? And does Kiki Strike have anything to do with it? If so, then why?

"Kiki Strike, Inside the Shadow City" is an amazing book which I was drawn into immediately. This story has so many twists and plots, you won't be able to take your hands off it! Go read it!

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