Little Shop Of Horrors



Crystal (Tina Breen), Ronnette (Hayley Scott), Chanelle (Jessie Carpino) and Lynette (Danielle Westrom), in no particular order, set the scene for the play "Little Shop of Horrors," at the Friday, April 25, matinee performance.

Mr. Mushnik, (Brad Johnson), left, is about to give Seymour (Seth Scott) the what for, when Audrey (Jen Sandoval) steps between them at Mushnik's Flower Shop on skid row, during the first act of "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Payson High School.

Uttering that famous line, "Feed Me," Audrey II, pleads her case for more blood, as Seymour protests killing someone to keep her growing. The plant is manipulated by Jennifer Hayes and has Zach Horseley's voice.

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