Three-Year-Old Gas Bill Is A Pain



Today I checked my mail, and to my dismay I received a bill from Semstream for $260 for a home that I sold three years ago.

I went to the SemStream office for an explanation, the clerk told me they were going back through old files and if I could not provide a canceled check for the above amount they would turn it over to a collection agency. When I sold the home I responsibly paid all utilities and faithfully paid any and all debts associated with the property.

What's going on with a local utility company that makes them think they can acquire a business and demand funds from a former customer, when the account was closed three years ago? Should I charge them $100 an hour for my accountant to research a checking account for a gas bill paid three years ago?

Unfortunately, I still have to rely on this utility for my business. You can try to hide your greed in artificial added charges $105.76 energy usage, $257.53 actual bill and $151.77 for questionable charges.

How can we stop the bureaucratic bull, that attacks us all? Hire a high-priced attorney? Stomp our feet, and spend our time frustrated and stressed out, so do we just give up? No! Give me a break!

Carrie A. Lashley

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