Pswid Board Accused Of Unethical Acts

Barbara Hall resigns


Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board member Barbara Hall stunned an audience of about 30 people last Thursday night, May 1, when she resigned her seat accusing the new board of "illegal and unethical" activity.

"I took this job to help the people in the district find a reliable source of water and have put in approximately 30 hours a week during my time on the board," she said. "But effective immediately, I am submitting my resignation."

Hall announced that effective at the next regular meeting scheduled for Saturday, May 17, at 2 p.m. she expects the board to accept her resignation.

She said differences with the new board regarding decisions and actions have compelled her to resign.

"So, as of May 17, the board will have to decide whether to appoint someone to fill my seat or elect someone until the November elections," she said.

Hall did not elaborate on her reasons other than saying she felt some current board actions were questionable.

Hall was one of three board members not targeted in the March 11 recall election that removed four members replacing them with Michael Greer, Terry Schleizer, Richard Dickinson and Ron Calderon.

Hall's announcement came at the end of an otherwise uneventful evening discussing the district's estimated $90,000 budget and its bid to buy out Brooke Utilities.

The board approved publishing the district's estimated $90,000 budget.

The board said it would continue efforts to buy the two water companies serving the district.

After returning from executive session where the board discussed the district's bid to buy out Brooke Utilities with attorney John Gliege, PSWID President Bill Haney said preliminary negotiations with Brooke President Robert Hardcastle have produced no concrete results.

"Dollar figures were traded, but so far nothing has come of it," Haney said.

He said that both Brooke Utilities and the PSWID board want more time to gather information and determine asking and bidding prices before making an official offer.

Treasurer Michael Greer said that it is unclear if the money held in an escrow account originally earmarked for the K2 well is earning any interest.

Greer said he has tried numerous times to contact Pioneer Title, the agent handling the account, to determine if the account is an interest bearing one or not, but so far hasn't received a reply.

The board authorized Greer to draft a letter of inquiry to that effect and said it is important to get the money into an interest bearing account if it isn't already.

Greer also said the 2008-2009 budget is estimated at a little over $90,000, and that he talked with the county assessor prior to the last board meeting and that after doing the math, there will be no rate increase this year.

The four new members of the board ran in the March 11 recall election on the promise of no rate increases.

The board also set June 5 as the hearing date to consider resident Curtis Chaney's request to transfer a piece of his property from the Pine Strawberry Water improvement District to the Pine Water Association Water Improvement District.

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