Support Humane Society Plans



To anyone who has owned a pet, has a pet, or is considering having a pet, I would like to make a plea from my heart.

The Payson Humane Society is embarking on a program to build a first class facility for our homeless pets. We cannot do this without your support. Countless hundreds of you have stepped up to the plate and assisted our cause. Now, more than ever, we need everyone to jump on the bandwagon.

Very soon, we will begin to turn the first shovel of dirt on the two acres behind our existing facilities. We envision a beautiful home for our loved ones that we know you know is sorely needed. Our plans are drawn. Engineering and soil testing is being done. Now, comes the hard part. We need your financial assistance.

Thanks to many of you, we have approximately $600,000 toward our objective of $3.5 million for our new building. That is a lot of money. You and I know that. But we can do it.

Many, many people give their time and efforts to the success of the Payson Humane Society. Without them, we would be at a total loss. We are eternally grateful.

I would like to focus on two individuals who work on a full-time basis at the Payson Humane Society and who epitomize what we are all about. One is someone many would categorize as mentally challenged. To see this person start the day with a hug for any and all who come their way would warm your hearts. We could all use a little more of this hug therapy. Another is homeless. How ironic, that one who is homeless is providing aid and comfort to those who we believe are temporarily homeless.

So now, I ask you. Please help us build the facility we all know that we need. I recall the scene in "Remember the Titans" where Denzel Washington implores the team by stating, "It's our time. Our time!" Well, now it's our time and we can do this together.

Please send contributions to: Payson Humane Society, Attn: Building Fund, P.O. Box 242, Payson, AZ 85547.

John G. Wakelin, Treasurer, Payson Humane Society

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