Band Jamboree

A concert on the green


When fifth-grade students start to play in an elementary school band, some of them get hooked on the beautiful sound.

Laughlin Potvin picked up the flute in fifth grade, not because of her musical parents but just because she "liked it."


Rachel Weatherly, Aaron Meidinger and Laughlin Potvin are ready to jam on the green May 14.

She found the flute's lilting sounds "too quiet" so in sixth grade she switched to the trumpet.

As a sophomore, Laughlin opted for the "smooth, pretty" sound of the French horn.

A large bore trombone is Aaron Meidinger's brass of choice.

"Trombone is the coolest. When I heard classical music I could hear the moving slide and that's cooler than pushing keys," he said.

At six-foot-two, he has long enough arms and enough air in his lungs to master the instrument.

Rachel Weatherly gave up her clarinet two years ago for an alto saxophone so she could play in the jazz band.

"It's more fun to play and sometimes the parts are better in the music," she said.

Clarinet player Kim Donaldson might disagree. Donaldson started playing clarinet with a friend five years ago and has "loved it ever since."

"Phantom of the Opera" is Donaldson's current favorite song.

Some of the music is hard, but she feels up to the challenge.

"Route 66" and "Satin Doll" are two of Weatherly's favorite jazz numbers.

"It's fun to show off what we've practiced. The audience gives a lot back," she said.

"Yeah, we joke in the jazz band that we play for food or money, but mostly for food," Meidinger said.

In combination, about 100 students fill Payson High School teacher Larry Potvin's and Rim Country Middle School teacher Mike Buskirk's music classrooms. The students bond in that unique camaraderie that comes from playing in a band.

"You get to know lots of people and it's fun," Weatherly said.


The 2008 Jazz Band at the spring concert.

"Some people say that when you play a piece of music, you are re-creating the notes. You're not. The music is a guideline. The students create the music," Buskirk said.

Like a coach on the field giving plays, Potvin and Buskirk wave their batons. Ultimately, it is the students who have control because, "whatever students are feeling, that is what is coming out of their instruments," Buskirk added.

At 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 14, the community is invited to the annual Band Jamboree.

The free event takes place on the RCMS football field. Parking is at both high school parking lots on Longhorn. There is a gate onto the football field at the eastern-most lot.

In the past, parents and relatives of students have been the bulk of the attendees.

"I want everybody to come out and hear us," Weatherly said.

Weatherly's fellow band mates sonorously echoed the invitation.

The music will include: "Canto," "Phantom of the Opera," "Thunder and Blazes," "The Girl from Ipenema," "How High the Moon," a medley of nursery rhymes, a couple of marches and selections from "The Little Mermaid."

The concert is expected to last about 90 minutes.

"There is some combining of groups, but it is all done on the spot -- no dress rehearsals," Buskirk said.

Attendees are welcome to bring a blanket and a picnic basket and enjoy music on the green May 14.

Payson High School Band:


The saxophone has been Deedra Wayland's instrument of choice for the past three years. She likes he bluesy way it sounds.

Ryan Ammann

Michael Armstrong

Lena Bishop

Amber Clark

Kyle DeVoe

Kim Donaldson

Jennifer Hayes

Rusell Hintze

Bradley Johnson

Chad Lammers

Ben Rogers

Echo Seay

Chelsea Smith

Cole Taylor

Patrick Vlahovich

Deedra Wayland

Aaron Meidinger

Bellah Collin

Madison Berg

Kit Buskirk

Anne de Roulhac

Sara DeWitt

Taylor Goss

Joshua Hegenauer

Haley Jansen

Bradley Kisler

Laughlin Potvin

Merissa Rushlow

Melissa Shepard

Aurora Sturlin

Pausl Utz

Kristine Vohs

Rachel Weatherly

2008 Jazz Band


Flutists in the wind section practice for the May 14 Band Jamboree concert at the RCMS football field. The beautiful sounds begin at 5:30 p.m.

Rachel Weatherly

Harrison McKinney

Kit Buskirk

Deedra Wayland

Brad Guyton

Paul Utz

Jennifer Hayes

Anne de Roulac

John Buskirk

Ryan Ammann

Jami Flake

Lena Bishop

Michael Armstrong

Jimmy Brown

Madison Berg

Kaitie Jones (vocalist)

Mike Buskirk (adult)

Larry Potvin (adult)

Rim Country Middle School Introductory Band*

Mary Adams

Dawson Beeson

Johnathon Brandt

Camron Chlarson

Jacob Enlow

John Evans

Justin Garre

Austin Huffman

Dillan Johnson

Kristina Johnson

Aaron Lacey

Jessica Letrich

Spencer Lewison

Lyric Lucchesi

Cody Machado

Chris Meinershagen

Chance Parker

Louis Potvin

Brett Royer

Morgan Shimono

Midnight Smith

RCMS Advanced Band*

Alicia Bayless

Kendra Bland

James Brown

John Buskirk

Hannah Dalgai

Rae Diller

Bradley Guyton

Tanner Hintze

Michael Hower

Matthew Joerns

Madison Linderman

Michael McWilliams

Ericka Nevarez

Kelsie Owen

Quinn Owen

Ashley Parker

Terance Parker

Johnathon Rockwell

Courtney Rogers

Bryce Romanowski

Sierra Royer

Jonathan Savage

Candice Taylor

Annette Utz

Eric Vohs

Timothy Wallace

Marcy Ward

Kaitlyn Wessel

Megan Wessel

Cassandra Wiebe

EmmaLee Zenko

RCMS Garage Band*

Dylan Blaylock

Kenneth Cerna

Dannie Curtis

Davis Dailey

Michael Gordon

Gabriel Hesson

Cory Higgins

Kaitlyn Jones

Damon Leftwich

Kenneth Nyhus

Taylor Whittington

Eduardo Zermerio

Frontier Elementary School fifth-graders who qualified for Honor Band

Molly Beier

Star Oldeschulte

Cheyenne Jordon

James Gentless

Derek Oakly

Emily Moreno

  • There are a few students who are not listed because they had no press release.

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