Movie Review: Baby Mama

No moral or theme, just enjoyable


After watching "Baby Mama," I thought of this quote. "Better late than -- pregnant." You may have received that e-mail, where children respond to well-known sayings. In any case, this seemed to express the movie perfectly. Anyone who survives reading it can probably handle the rest of this review. From there, decide whether "Baby Mama" is the right movie for you.

The movie did have a funny plot and outstanding comic actors and actresses carried it through to the surprise ending. Tina Fey plays the 37-year-old mother-wanna-be, Kate Holbrook. She explains her plight in the opening dialogue, an amusing first date screw-up. You may have seen it in the previews.

Not to spoil the joke, but she says simply that she has sacrificed a family for a high-power business career. She tries many times and ways to have a baby.

Tina Fey may be one of the few people who could make these disappointments funny instead of pitiful. Even at the end of her rope, she is to be commended. The last resort is surrogate parenthood.

Enter Amy Poehler as Angie, an adult in appearance only. She decides to have Kate's baby for her (with a small fee) and also ends up living with her. From bad grammar to a Dr. Pepper addiction, Angie drives Kate nuts.

In spite of the fine first actresses, Steve Martin tried very hard to steal the show. A surprise character, he plays Barry, Kate's boss. At total odds with the rest of the story, he is a man at peace with himself and all of nature, dedicated to producing healthy food that causes Angie no end of distress.

Add to these fine Hollywood people a splash of medical terminology, a shocking falsehood, and one or more unplanned pregnancies to achieve "Baby Mama," a smooth mix, like Jamba Juice.

Usually, there is not a whole lot one can say about a comedy without giving away all of the jokes. In the case of "Baby Mama," there is little to say anyway. I could detect no moral or theme, but I enjoyed it. Teenagers and adults probably will too. Remember, better late than pregnant!

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