Cost Of Mailing Goes Up May 12


On May 12 the U.S. Postal Service will raise rates.

A first-class mail stamp will be 42 cents. However, customers can continue to use the "Forever Stamps" purchased prior to May 12 at 41 cents, even after the price change. There will be 5 billion Forever Stamps in stock to meet increased demand before the price change. A 42-cent stamp will be available shortly after May 12 for 1-ounce non-machinable first-class mail letters, such as square greeting cards.

On May 12, prices will be adjusted for the following mailing services: first-class mail, standard mail, periodicals, package services, and special services.

Select prices: First-Class Mail letter (1 oz.) - $0.42; First-Class Mail letter (2 oz.) - $0.59; Postcard - $0.27; First-Class Mail large envelope (2 oz.) - $1; Certified Mail - $2.70; First-Class Mail International to Canada and Mexico (1 oz.) - $0.72; and First-Class Mail International to all other countries (1 oz.) - $0.94

The USPS will also adjust prices for shipping services -- Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, Parcel Return Service and International Mail. For the first time, USPS pricing includes commercial volume and contract prices, rebates, online price reductions, and other new incentives.

Pricing Highlights:

Express Mail is switching to a zone-based pricing system, resulting in customers paying less for nearby destinations. Customers will receive a 3 percent price reduction by purchasing Express Mail online or through corporate accounts. Additional price reductions are available for those who ship quarterly minimums.

Priority Mail will have an average 3.5 percent savings for customers who use electronic postage or meet other requirements.

Parcel Select -- our "last mile" delivery to every door -- will feature pricing and volume incentives for large- and medium-size shippers.

Parcel Return Service will move entirely to a weight-based pricing system, resulting in significant price reductions for many lighter packages.

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