Payson Jewelers Essay Winners


Winners of the annual Payson Jewelers Mother's Day Essay Contest are Bailey Newman, 8, first place and Cassie Zimmer 12, runner-up. The students were invited to write essays about their mothers and what makes them special.

The prizes were a diamond ring for first and a Four Peaks amethyst ring for second, from Payson Jewelers, owned and operated by Robert and Melissa Higginbotham.


Bailey Newman and his mother, Michelle Newman.

Bailey Newman wrote:

My mom is the best. My mom is a summer color. She is cute because of it. She has a light tan and sings better than a blue whale. She is prettier than a super-model, faster than a horse, more wonderful and valuable than a diamond. My mom is very, very, very, very, very kind! I love her. She is the best in the world.

Cassie Zimmer wrote:

There are many reasons I love my mom. My mom works hard as a house painter. Sometimes we paint together. Other times my mom skips work and takes me to the movies. On the weekends we cook together and during the summer we go to the lake. We swim, fish and take turns driving the Jet Ski.


Cassie Zimmer and her "mom," Randy Zimmer.

When my mom smiles at me it shows she is proud of me and makes me feel I can do and be anything.

She always has a kind and loving word to cheer me up when I'm down.

The best part of all of this is that my mom is actually my dad!

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