Sunday Is The Day To Honor Your Mother


Sunday is Mother's Day, and this is in honor of my mother and all the mothers.

To all the mothers who spent hours rocking their child to sleep while they held on to your little finger with their whole hand.


Marian Serge is the mother of Mikey Marazza and she climbed up steep hill at 80-years -old to have her picture taken with the buffalo.

To all the mothers who showed up in public with stains on their tops.

To all the mothers who bake countless cookies, made dioramas for school and sewed their child's first Halloween costume, and all the mothers who didn't.

The first costume I made my daughter was a dinosaur costume. She looked so cute with her tail dragging behind her. I could not sew, so most of it was glued. I am very good with a glue gun.

To my mom, who had five kids and sewed most of our clothes. She on the other hand could really sew. She made all our special clothes for the holidays.

To all the mothers who hung every picture there child made and saved every special moment they brought home. To all the mothers who fell down a million times playing ring around the rosie, and danced and sang the "I love you, you love me," Barney song until you were sick of that purple dinosaur.

To all the moms who held on to that two-wheel bike without the training wheels only to cry when they made it for the first time.

To all the moms who had to explain where babies come from and all the grandmothers who wanted to but just couldn't, but we turned out pretty good, Mom.

To all the mothers who had to work so their kids could eat and did without so their kids would not have to, thanks, Mom.

To all the mothers who read "Goodnight Moon" every night for years, only to hear, "Can you read it again, Mommy?"

Thanks to Tom and Angie Zimmerman for giving my daughter a copy for her second birthday because her boys grew up reading it.

A simple book, but so much joy. To all the moms who stayed up past midnight putting those toys together for Christmas, and wondering if they were put together right because you were too tired to read the directions.

For eating all those cookies and drinking the milk, even though you didn't like milk.

To all the moms who stay up late to meet the tooth fairy. To all the moms who stayed awake all night with a sick child and prayed that it would be them that was sick instead of their child.

To my mother who came out here to take care of my newborn when I came down with cancer. For the first six months of my daughter's life she thought my mom was her mom. That was tough on my 70-year-old mom, but she was here and took good care of her while I was recovering.

I would say it would be hard for a 70-year-old to be a mom again, but not my mom. She is really tough. Thanks, Mom.

To all the moms who turn their heads in a store when they hear someone calling, "Mom," even though they know there child is at school. To all the moms who hear the word mommy for the first time. It is such a joy especially when it comes before the words daddy.

To all the moms who get up two and three times a night to check on their baby, even though they have an intercom in the room.

To all of them who bend over to make sure they are still breathing.

To all the moms who ride around in their car trying to put their baby to sleep because they are colic. Oh! the memories. Everyone in Christopher Creek would say, "There goes Mikey and the baby," around the block over and over, but it worked. It would be pretty hard today with the price of gas.

To all the moms out there and all those who want to be moms, to all the foster moms out there and all those who have adopted, and especially to my mom, for she is the greatest.

Wishing all of you a very happy Mother's Day.

Art Gardner will be adding another birthday to his cake on May 12, as will Cindy Sabo. Jackie Ezzell will be celebrating another birthday on May 14, she has been recuperating and we wish her the best.

Pam Milhon will be celebrating on May 15.

Wishing all of you a happy birthday.

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