View 200-Year-Old Cognac At The Beverage Place


The Beverage Place (House) has on display a crystal decanter containing cognac made during the reignf Napoleon I. It is actually a blend of ancient cognacs, none younger than 70 years old and some as old as 200 years.

The cognac was blended by Courviousier from their oldest stocks, and is said to be the rarest in the world. It is contained in a specially designed hand-cut crystal decanter created by Lalique and protected in a satin lined display case.

"This is purported to be the finest cognac ever made," said Noble Collins, wine director for The Beverage Place. "The price is quite high, of course, but it is a rare collector's item." Each bottle is numbered and registered. "As far as I can tell, there are only a relatively small number of bottles left in the world for sale," Collins said. "Like a Bentley automobile or a Degas painting, you just feel thrilled to be close to something this rare and fine," he added.

he bottle will be on display at The Beverage Place throughout the summer unless it is purchased. Ultimately, it may be auctioned off for charity.

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