Be Aware Of Children Using Dust Off To Get High



Hi, myame isody Crisp, and I am writing to you to fulfill a requirement for my eighth grade civics class. need to write about a subject that concernse. I would like to use this opportunity to inform the parents of Payson children about a new problem that they might not be aware of yet.t is called dusting.

Dusting is where teenagers take a can of the Dust Off spray, which is used to clean off key boards, and deliberately inhale it to get high. They think it is just compressed air, but it also has harmful chemicals in it. There is a heavy gas, called R12, which is a propellant used in refrigerators. When inhaled, it fills the lungs and prevents oxygen from getting in. Kids like the dizzy, high feeling it creates. However, decreased oxygen to the brain kills people.

How they do this is they take the can of Dust Off and spray it through a shirt, they then inhale the fumes, causing a short but very dangerous high. Or they spray the Dust Off through the straw it comes with directly into their mouth. One reason this is popular is because there is no chemical smell so adults cannot pickup on the scent.

Now, I hope that Payson parents are informed of this new danger, and will be careful and try to prevent more deaths.

Cody Crisp
Payson eighth-grade student

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