Mother By Birth, Friends By Choice



This is a tribute to my mother for Mother's Day and every day I would like to share. I call it, Mother by Birth, Friends by Choice: I begin by saying how very proud I am of you Mom. For taking the time and care enough to teach me all the things you felt would be important for my future, beginning with appreciating and respecting Dad. You shared your teacher side: by speaking two languages at home, with helping me with school and making sure I was an "A" student. Your artistic side: with art, theatre, plays, dancing lessons and your love of music. (All very much part of me) Your lady side: how to speak, eat, sit, walk, interact and behave around people regardless of status or race. Elegance: proper use of language, stand straight, make-up, clothing, accessories and perfume without excess, it should smell on you not ahead of you. Growing up I remember Dad saying, a woman should always smell pretty, not like an ashtray, that stuck, I never smoked.

Mom, I watch you be a gracious hostess, like a social butterfly, mingling, laughing and making sure everyone is welcome and taken care of in your home. How to run a house: clean, comfortable, colorful and nice.

Having children didn't mean child proofing your house, we were taught how to live and behave with and around all your beautiful furnishings and decorations, learning how to respect and appreciate our surroundings no matter where we are.

You taught me to have a sense of humor and be flirtatious without crossing the line, to be respectful of myself and others. For these assets to my life and all that you do today I Thank You. I know, sometimes we expect too much from each other and that can bring disappointments, but you also taught me not to give up so, having said this I am very glad you are my Mother and that we can be Friends too. I love you very much, be Happy!

Happy Mother's Day, always,
Shirley Brimm

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