Swimbaits Are Popular Bass Bait


The past couple of years in bass fishing hasertainly brought swimbaits into focus with anglers throughout the country.

Successful tournament fishermen on the FLW and BASS Tour have credited various kinds of swimbaits as being the winningait on their way to one of these coveted titles.

When the world'sest bass anglers use a specific bait to win at the highest level, the general fishing population quickly take notice.

Jay Yelas, Angler of the Year on the FLW for the year 2007, attributed his success to learning how to fish a swimbait and using a new product made by Berkley called a Hollow Belly. This new Berkley powerbait has only been on the consumer market for a month, yet has been in the pro fishermen's arsenal of baits since the first of the year.
The swimbait craze is basically a western technique that is nowatching bigger fish all over the country. This technique has its origin in California where these replicas of big bait fish in the 5- to 12-inch category have been catching huge largemouths in the 10-pound and over league.

Last October, I saw Tim Klinger, National Guard FLW pro, winhe Clear Lake tournament with a whopping 32 pounds in a five-fish limitn the final day. He attributed his key to winning the title to throwing a 6-inch swimbait the entire day and being ready for those five big bites.

Berkley, a leader in the fishing industry, as been on the cutting edge of technology for more than 20 years and this bait called the Hollow Belly is their version of a swimbait which is theiratest major development.

I might add that Berkley has a complete engineering team that works with the top fishermen in the country in their quest in producing the perfect bait.

The hollow belly of this soft plasticaitfish collapses when a bass bites, which will give a better hookset than the old solid plastic swimbaits.

When a tournament fisherman gets a big bite, he wants a good hookset which will put that bass in the livewell for weigh-ins. Losing big fish with a poor hookset has been a common problem with solid-body baits. This Berkley innovation will bring bigger bass to the weigh-ins for tournament anglers, as well as great stories and photos for the recreational angler like myself.

The softer texture of the Hollow Belly makes it a more lifelike sensation to the bass as it swims away with the baitfish in its mouth. Of course, the powerbait formula is impregnated into the swimbait which has been scientifically proven as a fish attractant and makes the bait even more lifelike.

I watched the action of the swimbait in the Berkley Bass Tank which was on display at the FLW Fun Zone at the Lake Norman tournament in North Carolina.

The Hollow Belly swimbait had great action with the oversized paddletail and the bass took the bait and would not let go, which means more solid hooksets for the fisherman.

Brad Campbell, who has done more than 6,000 seminars for Berkley and who is also a tournament fisherman said, "This may be the best innovation in swimbaits since they came on the market more than 10 years ago."

National Guard FLW tour pro Clifford Pirch stated, "The Hollow Belly swimbait allows a fisherman to fish in very shallow water with a slow retrieve which creates more opportunities to catch big fish. I really like the softer plastic in the body of the bait which will allow for a better hookset and catching more fish."

Berkley has six popular colors in the Hollow Belly swimbait that will match most baitfish that those big bass feed on in every major lake in the United States.

If Roosevelt Lake is your destination, try the colors hitch, Tennessee shad or gizzard shadn the new bait by Berkleynd your chances of catching a big bass will certainly increase.

This is a new swimbait on the market which has already proven its effectiveness among the top tour pros in the country. This weekend take a friend fishing and enjoy God's creation.

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