Heavy Traffic Frustrating For Travelers



Now that we are back to heavy traffic weekends, I wonder if we've considered a short term solution. We need the business that our valley friends bring to the Rim Country, but the heavy traffic and slow movement through Payson makes it very frustrating for travelers.

My suggestion may have been discussed in the past, but I have not heard it brought up in recent years. It is to change the timing of the Beeline and Highway 260 so that there are very few stops, and traffic will move smoothly through town. This could be in effect on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings for northbound traffic and on Sunday afternoons for southbound traffic.

I realize that this would cause some inconvenience for those of us who live here, but most of us have learned how to use the back roads during the heavy weekend traffic. It would be great if the town and ADOT would work together and come up with a trial plan to see if this could help the logjams that occur every summer, especially on the holiday weekends.

Mark Miller

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