Students Offer Apologies For Results Of High School Prank



To Superintendent Mr. O'Brien, Principal Mr. Sandoval, Assistant Principal Mr. Fruth, Athletic Director Mr. Lobik, Governing Board: Vicki Holmes, Donald Engler, Charles Brown, Mike Horton, Rory Huff, Brittney McDaniel, Lauren Bartoli, and to all bus drivers and students who may have been affected:

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for any hardship or inconvenience that we may have caused while participating in the traditional senior prank.

When we met on Sunday, May 11, it was agreed upon that we would bring pennies, nickels, and Super Glue and place said items on the sidewalk in front of the auditorium.

Unfortunately, some seniors chose to divert from the original plan and proceeded to let the air out of the bus tires located at the bus barn and tag the windows with washable window paint.

We are being wrongfully accused of participating in these last acts of vandalism.

We are therefore being told that we are not allowed to participate in the privilege of walking with our class during the Commencement Exercises on Thursday, May 22.

We respectfully request that the administration reconsider this excessive punishment and allow us to participate in the full commencement exercises.

Aubrey Laird

Lacia Sommars

Panda Stackhouse

Trini Stackhouse

Courtney Morris

Monica Seville

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