Payson Needs Kinder, Gentler Adult Watching Over Youth



Having observedow the police and school "professionals" have treated the kids here in Payson for the last 10 years or so, you have to wonder, "Do these people even like kids?"

Have some of them chosen the wrong profession?
Seems that for the normal infractions associated with coming of age, the hammer is brought out.e lost several good football players a whileack for drinking beer off the school grounds.aused another family to move awayecause the 14-year-old daughter was suspended for a year!

Now, we have felony charges being brought over a prank! No monetary damage, no windshields broken, no tires slashed... these kids will lose all kinds of privileges ifound guilty of a felony.
Why are you "leaders" so intent on ruining their lives, creating a lack of respect for your professions and causing them to hate school, the police and even the town of Payson?

They have offered to do community service... lay it on them.

I am a former cop and I would never dream of being this harsh on our nexteneration.

Of course, my views might be prejudiced as my friends and also drank beer and let the air out of a few tires back in the day. Luckily I did not live in Payson at the time.
We could use a kinder, gentler, more caring breed of adult to watch over our kids.

The current group would probably be happier working for the government facility in Florence.

Ted Paulk

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