Punishment For Prank Should Fit The Crime



In regards to the so called "prank" and these same students not being allowed to graduate with their class, apparently the parents and some students believe that they should be allowed to enjoy this privilege and indeed it is not only a privilege but a reward for four years of hard work.

If these students are allowed to graduate with the rest of the class rather than being mailed their diploma, it would merely be a slap on the wrist for the serious crime of vandalism and they would be missing a valuable life lesson whereby one must make common sense decisions, respect others and the laws of their community.

I would like to offer an alternative to "not graduating".he benches along Main Street need sprucing up for the summer. Why not have the students put a fresh coat of paint on both the ironwork and the wood portions, along with a large sign next to where they are working stating, "We are very sorry and have learned our lesson."

The parents, who have not taught all the lessons they should have to their children, should have to be there supervising and observing their children's punishment.ublic embarrassment punishment worked for our Puritan forefathers, it could work again.

The students couldlso pay for any damages done to the schoolroperty. They would hopefully then have learned their lesson and could still not miss one of the really big one-time events in their life. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Shirley Snyder

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