Firefighters To Perform Hydrant Maintenance


It's not just dogs that like fire hydrants, firefighters like them too. Starting this month Payson firefighters will be out in neighborhoods performing basic fire hydrant maintenance and flushing operations on some of the more than 900 hydrants in the Town of Payson.

This basic maintenance involves checking the components and operations of a hydrant, removing surrounding vegetation that may block access or interfere with its use, and flushing the water line that serves the hydrant.

Firefighters use hydrants to supply water at fire scenes. While each fire engine carries up to five-hundred gallons of water in an in-board tank, some situations require more and that additional water is supplied by hoses connected to fire hydrants.

The Payson Fire Department also has a truck, called a water-tender, which carries 3,100 gallons for use in areas where there are no hydrants.

This basic fire hydrant maintenance is important to ensure that hydrants are in a ready and usable condition. Like any other mechanical device, fire hydrants need periodic maintenance. If major problems with any hydrants are discovered, the water department will be notified and they will see to the required repairs.

During the maintenance cycle some households may experience temporary changes in the clarity of their tap water. This is a result of disturbing the normal sediments that build up in water lines. Water may also pool or run down the street. This is normal and should clear quickly. Although some folks may experience temporary inconvenience from these activities, they are necessary to ensure a reliable water supply.

For additional information contact the Payson Fire Depart-ment at (928) 474-5242, ext. 300, option 0.

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