Little League Player Of The Week


The Payson Roundup Little League Player of the Week is Zac Wolf, a 12-year-old catcher on manager Eddie Duran's A's team. Little League president Slade Gibson, also a coach, said about Wolf:

"We, the Nationals, played (the A's) on Monday night and this is how it went --wo outs, 6th inning, A's have last bats, bases loaded A's down by 2, Zac steps up to bat and rips a shot between third and short, goes to the fence and scores three (runs) to win.

"Not only is his bat good, he also is the catcher for our 12-year-old all-star team and is looking great.
"He also pitches for the A's, but is a dominant catcher for our league."

Also on the Little League front, Gibson is scouring the community for potential board members to serve next year.

"If anyone is interested, they can contact me," Gibson said.

He can be reached at (602) 708-8844.

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