Thanks For The Help At The Jre Carnival



Julia Randall Elementary School's annual carnival was a complete success! We want to acknowledge all the people that made it happen:
Sue Becker and Dawn Argel for volunteering for the planning committee. The businesses in town that were our booth sponsors: Amon Builders, Anderson Dental Group, Desert Telephone Systems and Brahm's Electrical Contracting. Thank you Chris Stuart from Sparkletts Water for quenching our thirst.nd to Steve Perry from Pepsi for the soda and providing us with the Pepsi wagon! To Kiwanis members Gail Gorry and Shannon James, thank you for your helpnhe hot dog wagon.hapman Auto Center, thank you for the use of yourelium tank. Payson General Rentals who delivered right on time, thanks! To the delivery guys from Dominos for keeping theot pizzas coming!

Thank you to the Payson Police Volunteers with their time and effort spent in the fingerprinting booth. A big thanks to Wendell Stevens and his FFA students for bringing all their animals for the petting zoo. It remains one of the kids' favorite attractions.

To Mrs. Greer and Mrs. Walters and their efforts with the silent auction: we brought in $1203 due to your efforts. To my "Basket Queen" Dawn Argel: I couldn't do it without you. Thank you to Sue Becker and Kate Launder for entertaining us that evening.

To the "Keeper of the Dunk Tank," Todd Brahm, you rock! To Mike Wicks, Officer Mike and Trevor Creighton, thanks for your willingness to take a dip in the tank thatay. The kids loved it.

Thank you to Carlacker for taking us on a spin with the hayride. To the students from Paysonenter for Success, Quintin Tank, Heather Barnett, Andrew Howell, SamanthacCormick and Tom Aganowski,etting up the spring carnival has never been that easy.Thank you to Linda Gibson for steering a great group of young men and women my way. A verypecial thank you goes to Tom and Carol Piowarsy for drivingp from Mesa to pitch in withoutven being asked. To all theeachers, parents and staff at JRE, thank you for donating youraluable time and efforts. See you all next May.

Susi Carr

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