Choke Chains Cause Damage To Dogs



I recently saw something in our community that was upsetting and inexcusable. When it comes to animal rights, I am a firm believer they should be protected at all times and more and more people are speaking out.

I was taking my dog to the park one evening, heading down Easy Street to pick up my elderly father, and I was at a stop sign letting traffic proceed when a couple crossed with their dog. I just happened to be watching the older gentleman with his dog and thought nothing of it at first. His wife was behind him walking.

He had a choke collar on the dog and a very short leash. He kept kneeing the dog very hard and tugging on him. You can do a lot of neck damage to a dog by doing this and kneeing him the way this man was, was almost like kicking him. I pulled up and asked his wife to tell him to stop. She said, "He's training him."

You don't train a dog with force like this. He kept doing it and I told him to stop doing it, he yelled out, "Go to hell!" Maybe I startled them. That was not my intention. People who care about animals won't tolerate this, and if the dog was hard to handle, he should get professional help to train the dog.

I think the man seemed agitated because the dog was bigger than him. Maybe we should put choke collars around people's necks that do this and put them on a short leash. Let them experience the feeling of this.

When walking a dog, you need to give them a little slack, but train them in a good, firm gentle way. Some people shouldn't own dogs unfortunately. Not to say these people don't care about their dog, but they should find a better way to train this dog and with kindness. We train our dog with love and kindness, not brute force.

We need to do a better job of taking care of God's creatures in a kinder way. Hopefully this dog will have many guardian angels. Let's protect the animals' rights also.

B. Collin

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