Filling Turkey Tag Late In The Season Is A Challenge


The month-long spring gobbler hunt has come to a close inhe units under the Rim.By the final days of the season, the birds get progressively more call-shy and are tougher to lure within shooting range.hey may call rather aggressively while in the roost tree, butfter they fly down and are on the ground, they may not make much noise for the duration of the day.
For the hunter who still wants to fill his tag, this can be a real challenge.n many cases, a gobbler may actually head the other direction when a call is made and even gobble on the way.his can be extremely frustrating to a hunter -- whether to follow the bird or try for another somewhere else.

This past week we had one of those birds demonstrating this routine.att Behrens, a former Longhorn pitcher and currently an NAU student, asked if I would accompany him on a morning hunt.y excitement started building as I dug out a myriad of old calls plus the purchase of a new double reed diaphragm made by Primos.s a former addicted turkey hunter, I really like the sound of the "old raspy yelp" and was anxious to give it a try.
Oftentimes, toward the end of the season, a turkey in the woods may respond to one particular call better than others tried,s was the case on this day.fter we did a "good morning" yelp on the new Primos call, we heard a gobbler in the distance, but we could not pinpoint the correct drainage.When this does occur, as it often does, a good tip is to climb a ridge and listen again for his "good morning" gobble.

This worked for us, and we were able to set up in the early dawn light with Matt seated against a large pine and I was approximately 10 yards behind him in full camouflage.fter about 40 minutes, the bird hung up and would not come any closer and got real quiet. The next time we heard this bird, it was about a quarter of a mile away, going the other direction.

We had to make a quick decision, and we chose to go for another bird on an adjoining ridge that had gobbled once to our call.s we relocated few hundred yards away, gave a soft yelp on the new Primos call and the turkey immediately gobbled.

The hunt was on! Within minutes, a hen was within five yards of me making turkey talk, and the gobbler came up the hill with his fan wide in full strut.

When the 12-gauge echoed and I heard loud "hoorah" from Matt, I knew he was successful on his first spring gobbler hunt in the Mogollon Rim country.

The enjoyment of being a part of a young man's successful hunt and seeing that smile from ear to ear was well worth getting up at 3:30 a.m.

his weekend, enjoy the Arizona outdoors, God's creation.

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