Grading The New Superintendent



Now that the end of the school year is fast approaching, its time to evaluate our new superintendent's first year.

Let's see now:doesn't keep promises, doesn't answer letters and doesn't care about families traveling hundreds of miles to attend school events.

Oh, but he does care about making sure every fleet tire has air in it.

But he can: make decisions that can cripple a student's future without getting the facts.

Ignore the concerns of parents and taxpayers that are brought to the school board. But does care about if one of those speakers goes over his three minutes of allotted time.

He doesn't: care about (a) student's academic future. Focus of the District's Mission Statement to provide opportunities for students to complete their course work allow students to achieve all that they can. But he knows how to bring the hammer down on pennies and Silly String.

Yes, we have to evaluate our superintendent just as he requires evaluation of his teachers and students. When we add up all his grades to arrive at a mark, I think we can only give him what he has shown us, an "F."

Tom Loeffler

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