National Day Of Prayer Was A Success, Thanks



"Thank you" to each person who made this year's National Day of Prayer a success here in Rim Country.

Thanks first go to Teresa McQuerrey for the Payson Roundup articles. Special thanks also go to each of the following people: John Frerichs at Crossroads Foursquare Church; Nancy Lombardi for organizing a new event in Pine: Jan Chapek at Mountain Bible Church; Pastor Joe Hittle for being the last-minute moderator for the prayer time at Rumsey Park: Larry Moore, Jim Stanton, Gary Cordell, Lud Kaftan, Claudia Hawkins, Nelson Beck and the Payson Community Christian School musicians, led by Angela Godac, plus the prayers: Pastors Todd Arnold, Ken Curl and Donovan Christian, Simone Lake and Mae Rose Bergeson, and students, Rebecca Jones and Stevie Franey; and Pastor Kelly Woolridge plus others for the evening event at Payson's First Assembly of God.

Thanks also go to Payson Mayor Bob Edwards and the Gila County Supervisors for their proclamations for the National Day of Prayer.

Extra thanks also go to the others who prayed and attended the events.

Most of all, praise and thanks go to our Almighty God, in Jesus' name, for His rich blessings as we attempted to honor Him. To Him goes the glory! May He continue to bless our community and nation.

Jerry Green

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