Volunteers Needed For Kids Klean Up The Creek Day


If you have not signed the petition to make Mr. Jim Oliver administrator to Christopher/Kohl's Fire District please do so immediately.

The district only has until May 25 to get the petition in to the county supervisor.

Gary Anderson, president of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association is urging everyone to sign this important petition. The county is allowing us to choose who we want, but we must have enough signatures. If we do not have enough, we face losing our fire department to another.

Think about it!

Where do you want your taxes to go?

We are facing extreme fire danger and it is important to keep the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department the way it is.

There is a petition at Tall Pines Market. Caren and Sam Seay carry one with them. Rick Schantz has a petition as does Ryan Sundra out at Colcord. I have one here at Hunter Creek.

You must live within the district. You do not have to be a registered voter and you do not have to live here full-time.

If you care about the future of the Christopher/Kohl's Fire District you should sign this petition. Feel free to call Gary Anderson at (928) 478-4075 with any questions.

May homeowners meeting

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association is having its May meeting at 9 a.m. this Saturday, May 24 at the fire station.

They have a number of items on the agenda, including: fall elections, a donation to the fire department, a report on community fire safety and a report on the water company rate increase request.

They will have a copy of the petition supporting Jim Oliver as administrator of the fire district for homeowners to sign.

Donate a pint

Don't forget Saturday, May 24 is also the day to give blood, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the CKFD.

They will also be taking free blood pressure checks and blood glucose levels for those who need it.

Along with the blood drive, the Firebelles will have a bake sale starting at 10 a.m. Beginning at 11 a.m. there will be brats, hot dogs and ice cream until supplies are gone. Be sure to stop by and get something to eat and have your blood pressure checked.

Kid Klean Up

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association will also be sponsoring a Kids Klean Up the Kreek Day on Saturday, June 7. School will be out and they are hoping that the kids and grandkids in the area will show up to help.

Teams of kids will be assigned a "zone" in the community, given plastic bags and gloves and will set out to pick up litter. They will meet at the walking bridge on Apple Lane at 10 a.m. to get started.

When all the litter is collected, everyone will return to the bridge for a "weigh-in" and a hot dog lunch.

They need adults to help, to follow along and keep an eye on the teams. The adults will not have to stoop and pick up, however.

We want the kids to know that keeping a community clean is everyone's responsibility.

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