Felony Punishment For Students Too Much



I would like to suggest that our chamber of commerce include in its relocation packets to prospective residents your issue detailing the felony arrests of the students involved in the senior prank incident.

This information will discourage anyone who cannot guarantee that their children will never have a lapse of judgment once they turn 18.

Our school board's decision to destroy the futures of all involved in the vandalism sends a message loud and clear to all.

Other communities would insist that restitution be made by the students alone -- not their parents. Other communities would insist that these students would help in the annual cleaning of all the numerous campuses in their communities. Other communities recognize that wisdom and maturity do not instantly transmit to all humans at the second of their 18th birthday.

The students involved should thank their lucky stars they weren't born under our school board's rule in another century, or all of their heads would be impaled along the path to the high school.

Diane Morrison

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